Add Watermark to Video

Add creative watermarks to prevent your videos from content theft

Various Watermark Designs
This Add Watermark to Video tool consists of various designs that add a creative tinge to your video. You can choose the custom watermarks available on the tool while adding your name and logo to it.
Unlimited Usage
It offers you unlimited uses which means that you can watermark as many videos as you like. There is no specified time limit for free uses as well which means that you can fulfill your daily needs through the tool.
Security Encryption
It provides satisfactory security encryption which means that your data is safe. This is relieving because your watermark cannot be accessed by anybody through the tool which makes the tool a safe option.
Unbelievable Speed
You can add logo to video within minutes. While editing is dependent on your speed, the processing time is second to none which is what you want from a tool to put watermark on video.
Highly Intuitive & Easy-to-Use
This online tool comes with a simple-to-use interface. The options given on the user interface are crystal clear which means that you don't need much of your time to complete your watermark through the tool.
Wide Variety of Fonts and Colors
The app plays an important role in this regard because it offers a wide variety of fonts and colors that can be used to create an engaging watermark to protect our videos from a security breach.

Use the Helpful Options to Create the Watermark

Create the Logo and Select Text Using the Set of Highly Useful Provided Options

How to Add a Watermark to Your Video for Free Online

1. Upload Your Video

The first step is to upload the video to that you want to add the watermark to. This can either be done through your device.

2. Add the Watermark

In the next step, you can either add a custom watermark to your video or manually create a watermark.

3. Download Edited Video

After adding the watermark, move on to the next step to download the edited video to your device.

Content piracy is one of the biggest issues that content creators and video makers have to face these days. Video content can be protected from theft and unlawful duplication with the use of watermarks, and this online service can help you protect your content and brand by making it a piece of cake to place a watermark of your choice on your content.

Adding watermarks can also be used as a marketing strategy to promote your brand or business. You can make videos and use them to do your marketing by adding watermarks to them. The Free Add Watermark to Video is an effective tool that helps you to achieve this purpose.

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