Trim Video

Trim your videos to the preferred length & quality in just a few seconds

Easy Trimming Controls
This free online video trimmer offers you effective yet simple trimming controls which you can use to trim parts of your video. The two markers can be placed to determine the start and end of the video.
100% Free & Easy-to-Use
Looking for a user-friendly and cost-effective service? Our tool offers a win-win situation in this regard because it is completely free and allows you to perform simple edits with no video editing experience needed.
Desirable Additional Features
The online video trimming app not only lets you cut out parts of a video online but also provides you with additional editing handles which can help you improve your video and add aesthetics to it.
Ultra-Fast Speed
Our free online video cutter is a brilliant offering that works at a fast speed and that too without any hanging or crashing. The fast speed of this trimmer makes it stand out from the crowd.
Great Accessibility
Being an online free service, it can easily be accessed through any web browser. Therefore, you can use it to cut video online for free on all types of devices such as desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.
High-Security Encryption
It keeps your videos and data safe which is always a top priority for users. Your files will automatically be deleted from the servers after some time you are done with our online video cutter free.

Use the Provided Marker to Conveniently Trim Your Videos

Set the start and end time of the video to trim it and get only the part you need.
cut video

How to Cut Video Online Free

1. Upload the Video

Upload the video that you want to trim. You can drag video to the tool's main interface or browse to find and add the video.

2. Trim the Video

You can then either adjust the markers provided or manually enter the starting and ending time to trim your video.

3. Save Trimmed Video

After the settings, simply hit the Trim By Time button. Review the trimmed video and click on the Download tab to save it.

Cutting your initial video into smaller segments is at times inevitable to make impressive and captivating content. Creators often need to trim longer videos to highlight the most important parts of their stories. That’s not all; you can also trim multiple clips and append them together to create a stunning video.

Free Online Video Trimmer can help your video get the attention it deserves. You can use it to trim your Instagram reels, TikTok edits, or Facebook posts. Simply cut unnecessary content with this trimming tool and never lose your audience's attention. You can use this video trim app to cut videos on an iPhone, Android, or on your Mac or Windows desktop computers. It also allows you to perform some other editing features in order to make your videos more touching and memorable.

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