Crop Video

The simplest and fastest tool to crop video online without losing quality

Instantly Change Video Ratio
Changing your aspect ratio can help you use your video for diverse uses and guess what the best part is? You can choose a file and change the aspect ratio of your video within a matter of few seconds only.
Crop to Any Ratio
Crop your video by selecting preset sizes so it can fit in according to your needs. The free-form option "Any Ratio" offered is another plus that helps you to crop your videos creatively.
100% Free & Safe
This free online video cropper is available to crop video files online absolutely for free. It enables you to merge videos to make excellent high-quality edits and that too provided guaranteed security and privacy.
Maintain High-Quality
There is a high probability of losing video quality by using free online tools. However, this application is an exclusive option, and rest assured that you won't lose your video quality when you crop your videos.
Easy to Use
Navigating through the complicated usage features can be a hassle. But with an extremely simple user interface, you can easily use our cropper even if you never edited a video before.
Effective Downloading Features
The downloading features of our online tool are highly effective. You can download your cropped videos from the online webpage with a one-click operation.

Crop to Change the Video Aspect Ratio

Move the provided frame to change the video aspect ratio in no time!

How to Crop Your Video Online for Free

1. Upload the Video

The first step for you is to upload a video from your device. You can simply open the file or drag and drop it from your computer.

2. Crop Your Video

This is the most important step in the whole process. Here, you will choose the video aspect ratio, and use free-form to improve your video.

3. Save Cropped Video

The next step is to download your cropped video to your device. For this, check the cropped video result and click on the Download button.

Wondering how you can make creative yet engaging reels for your YouTube or Instagram handle? But you don't have a tool that will help you to achieve a high quality that will get you views and likes. That is where the free online video cropper chips in with its exquisite features that will help you to produce creative reels propelling you to achieve your goals.

You can also need the free online video cropper when you are looking to edit a video to post on your official social media handles. Moreover, this tool can also be used for professional purposes. We bet you have been stuck in the never-ending loophole of file sizes when filling out a university or job application form. Submitting a video introduction, you can't just get it through. Our free video cropper can be way too handy with its custom sizes.

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