Change Video Speed

Adjust the speed of your videos effortlessly while maintaining their quality

Custom Video Speeds
Running short in time and not sure how to adjust the speed of a video? You can now apply the custom video speeds to change the speed of your video in a matter of a few clicks.
Easy Operation
Speed adjusting tools often give a tough time while processing videos. However, speeding up or slowing down a video with our speed adjuster is extremely easy, completely free, and offers guaranteed results.
No Quality Loss
Irrespective of the settings you make to change video speed online, our free video speed adjuster doesn’t impact its quality and provide results with 100% preserved quality.
Work with Different Browsers
It does not require you to download any application. You can access the tool through the online webpage, which supports almost all famous browsers like Google Chrome, Mozzarella Firefox, and others.
Brilliant Security Encryption
Security is a main concern when you are using a free tool. But the security encryption of this free online video speed adjuster makes it stand out and ensures that only you can access your videos.
Free & Handy Add-Ons
In addition to changing your video speed online, it also offers some other handy add-ons. These additional editing options include cropping, muting, adding a watermark to the video, and much more.

Change Your Video Speed with One Click

Select your desired video speed using the provided set of options with a single-click operation
adjust video speed

How to Change the Speed of a Video with Ease

1. Upload a Video

Click on the Upload button and select a MP4 video file from your device. You can also add the video through Remote Upload tab by simply entering the video URL in the provided space.

2. Change Video Speed

The next step is for you to adjust the speed of your video. Here you can choose the Speed Up or Slow Down feature and edit the speed of the video by selecting the required speed in the respective field.

3. Save Adjusted Video

You can first watch the adjusted video on the browser. When you feel like it is the final piece, you can click the Download button to download the video with adjusted speed to your computer's hard drive.

Editing reels for your YouTube channel but the speed is too fast? Are you lost over how you can change the speed of your video? That's where the free online video speed adjuster kicks in because it helps you to improve your reel. Using our free service, you don’t need to hire a video editor or even pay for digital instruments and easily slow down or speed up video clip online within minutes.

That's not all; it can also help you on other occasions when you are looking to improve your family videos. You will get all the necessary tools at your fingertips to speed up or slow down video online and that too without installing any editing software. Therefore, it is a tool that you are going to need a lot in your daily life.

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