Mute Video

Mute any video with a few clicks without changing anything else

No Installation
To remove video audio, you do not need to install or download anything on your device. It is an online tool that works on every device, OS, and browser.
Top-Notch Security
No need to provide any personal details or login information. There is no requirement to register or give any payment info thus, and you enjoy security and privacy.
Common Formats Supported
It supports most video formats you commonly use, including AVI, MP4, MOV, MPG, etc. So, you can mute video downloaded or captured from any source.
Easy & Quick Operation
We use powerful backend servers, so your mute video processing is instant. That, combined with an easy user interface, brings a convenient experience.
Maintain Video Quality
Mute any video, no matter how short or long it is. The tool will never change its resolution or quality; it only changes the audio properties to mute videos.
Use Video From Multiple Sources
It accepts both, whether your video is on offline storage or the cloud. So, you can mute videos from multiple sources on multiple devices, including smartphones.

Easily Remove Video Audio In An Instant

Click the mute button to mute any video and easily download muted version instantly
remove audio from video

How to Remove Video Audio Online

1. Upload Video

Open the video sound remover tool and upload your video from your device's offline storage. Or you can load the video by pasting the link to the video source.

2. Mute Video

Wait for a few seconds and let the tool process this video. This processing will not take long, and the video will be quickly available for downloading.

3. Save Video

Play the video to ensure it is muted, and you can download it if you are satisfied with the results. Download it to your device's hard drive or directly upload it to the cloud.

Videos contain both visuals and audio. However, sometimes we want to share them without audio, replace their original audio, or add background music to the video.

If you also have a video whose audio you want to remove, you must try this mute video tool. It removes the audio from any video regardless of its length and gives you a silent video to add any audio. As you download the mute video, the only thing that changes will be its sound, and all else will remain the same.

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